CAPASSO Covid-19 Relief Fund Call for Application

The Composers, Authors and Publishers Association (CAPASSO) is calling on its members to submit applications for COVID-19 relief funding.

The funding is targeted at members who are in dire need. According to the collective management organisation (CMO), the relief funding will take into account that many composers and authors have suffered from a delayed effect of COVID-19 and the resultant lockdown.

Through the fund, CAPASSO aims to assist up to 1 000 members with urgent relief of up to R2000 (about $130) each. The relief fund is available to all direct CAPASSO members as well as indirect members whose works are administered by a CAPASSO member.


  • The applicant must be direct or administered member of CAPASSO.
  • The applicant must be able to demonstrate a need.
  • The applicant must be an active member for the past 12 months.
  • The applicant must have previously earned a minimum distributable amount from CAPASSO.

How to apply

The application deadline is 31 March.

“The primary aim of the fund is to provide a cushion to the most vulnerable of our members who are feeling the effects of the lockdown, as the royalties that would have been collected a year ago were it not for COVID-19 would now be getting distributed to them,” CAPASSO chief operating officer Wiseman Ngubo said. “Since less royalties were collected, there is less available for distribution, thus the need to assist members via the relief fund.”

CAPASSO said most relief efforts that were aimed at the music industry had “a glaring omission”, which CAPASSO was looking to redress.

“Most efforts fell short of catering for songwriters, composers and authors,” the CMO said. “Resultantly, CAPASSO is proud to announce the launch of the CAPASSO relief fund aimed specifically at this group of creators.”

For further assistance regarding the relief fund, call 011 447 8870 or email sends e-mail).