A young model founded an organization on the principles to uplift his community

#KeepHumble meet Nelowezimbali founder of a non-profit organization named Izimbali Zakusasa Youth Development of South Africa whom he founded in 2014. His passion for youth development started when he was still young, he realized it, when he enjoyed helping people out of the goodness of his heart, and always taking part in community projects.

Izimbali Zakusasa Youth DevelopmentSouth Africa has hosted a beauty pageant for disadvantaged children and youth who dearly wanted to experience how it feels to walk on a stage and have the honor to be crowned as ‘Miss Izimbali Zakusasa Youth Development’. Nelowezimbali says, “Miss Izimbali Zakusasa Youth Development South Africa is not just a beauty pageant it is a leadership program which aims at teaching self-love, respect that comes in a form of a beauty pageant which promotes health well-being drug free society.”

Their latest Pageant they held last December 2020, was aimed at addressing ‘Gender Based Violence’ issues that affects our society, the event was a great success, and 26 models from different regions took place in this honorable event.

With all the ticket sales revenue accumulated on the day they went on to buy school uniforms with it, and they donated to Harpo Primary School, which is one of the disadvantaged schools in their community of Bhekuzulu. Their next initiative including having a soup kitchen which will feed over 300 people in the informal settlements of eNhlahleni and donate essential cosmetics as well. They have donated food parcels during the level 5 lockdown which was sponsored by Boxer.

The organization has grown in the manner that now they offer free accredited courses to the youth in these following fields.

· New Venture Creation ( National Certificate NQF 2)

· Contact Centre Support (call center)- New Venture Creation ( National Certificate NQF 2)

·Business Administration New Venture Creation ( National Certificate NQF 3)

· Project Support Services ( National Certificate NQF 3)

·Wholesale and Retail Operations ( National Certificate NQF 3)

·Information Technology Technical Support ( National Certificate NQF 4)

Their future plans as the Izimbali Zakusasa Youth Development South Africa is to have a skills institution for unemployed youth and those who want to rehabilitate, recover from their previous convicted drug addiction life and regain their lives back and do something positive and productive with their lives. Their biggest dream is to see on kids living on the streets.