Inexplicable Yanos are here to take over the Yanos

Inexplicable Yanos is South African duo composed by Asavela Ndziba and Lindokuhle Khusi, who are better known as Chico de Vocalist and Lindo Lee.

They were both born in 2002 right in the dusty streets on Alexandra Township. These two Thousand babies shared a lot in common which led them to embark on these on a musical journey together.

What makes the duo quite interesting and compatible is that Chico started singing at a tender age of eight and has grown to be a song writer and a vocalist as well while Lindo has always been attracted by fame and he has a great personality that allows people to draw towards him easily.

When growing up he engaged in a lot of activities like soccer, which allowed him to have a huge following and audience back them which led him to being recognized and that opportunity has taught him how to engage with audience and actually being able to grab their attention easily.

The duo’s very first encounter was in the year 2020 when they met at a studio when they both went in for some studio time and they actually liked each other’s sound. They realized they were both talented so instead of just complimenting each other and continue with their intended journey, they decided to use that to their advantage and come together and help each grow one’s skills but not on an individual scale but by working together and being a duo, was one of the best decisions they took.

Inexplicable Yanos was the name they chose to call themselves due to the sound they produce is actually ‘Inexplicable’. This partnership led them to participating in hustling gigs together around the Alexandra Township which earned them the fame in the community and surrounding areas. The influence of the Hip Hop Culture played a big role in the creation of the group.

They took part in hip hop stage battles and poetry and this has resulted in their musical connection as well as them sharing knowledge with regards to the industry.

They have Inexplicable well in creating these hit songs Nguwe, Izolo, Nyakaza and Emalundi. They are now working on releasing an EP. And EP that they promise everyone will enjoy listening to it.

Their wish is one day work with Kabza De Small and De Mthuda. They also see themselves as the future music award winning artists with at least two record labels of their own.