Freedom Park Celebrating Mandela Month

As we herald in this month, we do so in honour of former President Nelson Mandela and in recognition of his legacy. It is Mr Mandela’s exemplary leadership, great statesmanship and moral force that continue to inspire South Africans as we try to build a cohesive nation.

People admired, revered, and respected him – but what really set him apart from other leaders was that he was so loved. His special blend of humour, warmth, charisma, and humility was irresistible. Madiba magic . . . it won the day almost every time. We are honoured that he was and still is our Patron-In-Chief. As the world prepares to celebrate the birthday of Tata Madiba, let us remember that Freedom Park was his legacy.

This Mandela Month, let it bring a sense of togetherness, a sense of belonging that tugs at your heart when you smell the wet earth after a thunderstorm, when you hear the symphony of 11 languages melting into one voice, when you see the sun sinking behind a Mopani tree, a togetherness as we make the choice to make the effort, to get involved, to take the time to do something positive and constructive. It’s an old cliché, but if “everybody did something, what a difference it would make!