Tembisa Elders Raise Their Voice Against Abuse

As build up to World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, the Department together with the Older Persons Forum called on the public to join hands in protecting the rights and concerns of the senior citizens for 365 days a year.

This was echoed during the Ekurhuleni World Elderly Abuse Awareness campaign held at Tembisa Society for the Care and Welfare of the Aged, last Friday, where seniors also marched around the street of Tembisa to raise awareness against their plight.

According to the Ekurhuleni Social Worker Grace Moloi, elder abuse is a concerning societal problem that affects the wellbeing of millions of older persons around the world, and it is an issue that deserves the attention of everyone.

She highlighted that elder abuse is the neglect or mistreatment of an older person, who cannot or does not have the means to fend for themselves and emphasized that sometimes this kind of abuse can take place in a person’s private home or even at the old age homes.

One senior citizen, Thandi Magazi, said it is a pity that elderly people must suffer all sorts of abuse because of their grant money. She said there are many senior citizens who are still going through abuse and encourage people to immediately report such to the police.

“Some are unable to talk because the abuse is being done by their own grandchildren”, she added.

South African Security Service Agency (SASSA) representative Thabo Saul told the senior citizens to be vigilant and not to fallen prey to scams involving loans on their SASSA cards.

“As SASSA we always advice our elders not to divulge the personal information to anyone including their grand children because you don’t know who is targeting you”, he said.